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This Is Why I’m Not A PETA Member April 24, 2008

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PETA’s offering a $1 million prize for the first lab to develop “viable quantities of in vitro meat at competitive prices by 2012.” (Vegan) cookies for them. No cookies for the “purists” like VP Lisa Lange that are complaining that “it’s [PETA’s] job to introduce the philosophy and hammer it home that animals are not ours to eat.” Just like, you know, stem cell research isn’t okay because babies aren’t ours to experiment on.


The Case for Catholic Apostasy April 17, 2008

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I faced the fact that I will never be president long ago. Aside from my long hair and my fondness for earth-tone turtlenecks, I don’t think I could hold a birthday bash for His Popeness. (I think that’s #439 on my list of reasons I’m not president material.) I simply cannot deal with people who have devoted their lives to propagating not only the most ridiculous claims about reality*, but a distorted ethical system that labels homosexuality “objectively disordered,” forbids women from taking positions of responsibility and leadership, forces pregnancy upon women, kills thousands by denying them the basic ability to prevent AIDS, and will not allow lifesaving research because it destroys a ball of less than a hundred cells.


The Sort of Guy You’d Like to Sit Down and… Play Mario With? April 12, 2008

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This is a little frivolous, but I just heard this on a Rachael Maddow podcast and it’s too funny to keep to myself. Get ready for the shocking truth about Muqtada al-Sadr, the man who named his army after the Islamic Redeemer King.

He was a video game addict. His nickname at school was “Mullah Atari”.

John McCain Wants Hillary to be the Dems’ Nominee April 12, 2008

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First sentence.

Sex, Diamonds, and Chimps April 11, 2008

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Yet again there’s a scuffle going on at Feministing over evolutionary psychology (which, for my carpal tunnels’ sake, I’m abbreviating EP), and yet again I am irked (to use a less colorful phrase than I could) that no one seems to grasp anything beyond the pop version of EP. This ev-psych, as some commenters call it, resembles real EP in the same way that I resemble George Clooney. That is, not at all. Normally I’d respond in a comment, but I’m feeling wordy today and I don’t think it would fit. So I’ve compiled some of the more irksome comments and my responses below the fold. (They’re long because they’re direct quotes, not strawmen)


More Than The Presidency April 11, 2008

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My first post on this blog was about the difference between Clinton and Obama. It’s fairly clear that there isn’t much when you’re talking about policies, but their styles are polar opposites. Here are three more reasons Obama’s better than Clinton. Send this post to any superdelegates you know.