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About Me

I am a 19 year old sophomore at Willamette University, where I’m majoring in rhetoric, with minors in biology and chemistry. When I mention this, people always look at me funny, so let me be clear: no, I don’t want to be a politician or a lawyer; no, I’m not planning on getting a Ph.D. and teaching; and yes, I have no social life. I’m on track to start my med school applications next year, so at times my posting will get sporadic, but I will come back. If you really want to know more about me, or if you have a terrible case of insomnia, feel free to look at my self-interview (as soon as I get it up).

Why I Blog

I started blogging in October of 2006 at a blog called The Soggy Liberal. I ended up taking it down August 2007 because I got bogged down with health issues and school work, but shortly after I returned to school in January, I started the Blue Torch as stress relief (sort of like primal scream therapy) and as an extra incentive for me to keep up with the news.

The Blue Torch’s Mission

This is not a news blog. That would be ridiculous when the New York Times, the BBC, and the Guardian have their articles available for free. Instead, I try to give an analysis of the news from my unique perspective. I am one of those abrasive, arrogant, ambitious, liberal college students that everyone hates because they’re always (well, usually) right. I approach the news from that perspective, plus one influenced by my studies of rhetoric.

I’ve (mostly) given up predicting what will happen after predicting that Obama was dead and Giulianni would win the GOP nomination at the Soggy Liberal. Instead, I try to look at the news, layer by layer, not just peeling away deliberate obfuscation (I love that word), but revealing what politicians hide from themselves. Did I mention that I’m arrogant and ambitious?

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